Cloud’s Creek Baptist Church’s 225th Anniversary

Cloud’s Creek Baptist Church’s 225th Anniversary, September 15, 2013

Cloud’s Creek Baptist Church celebrated its two hundred-twenty five (225) year anniversary on Sunday, September 15. The Cloud's Creek Baptist Church is notable not only for its long history, but for the Revolutionary War patriots

buried there. Many of the current members are descendants of these patriots. During the anniversary celebration, member Nance White presented framed proclamations from the Martha Stewart Bulloch Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (signed by Regent Donna Owens) and the Martha Stewart Bulloch Society, Children of the American Revolution (signed by Senior President Paula Nelson) recognizing both the historic significance of Cloud's Church and its anniversary during Constitution Week. Ms. White also presented donation checks to contribute to the historic preservation of Cloud’s Creek Church. It was a moving ceremony to recognize this historic Georgia Church.